CV Bridge Software Provides Retail Performance Metrics

Coreveillance CV Bridge is an advanced product to count traffic in stores. While online shopping has taken a bite from bricks and mortar stores, a study has suggested consumers still prefer interaction with products and knowledgeable sales associates in stores. This is where the CV Bridge provides a valuable Retail Performance Metrics (RPM) feature.

Our RPM originally grew out of a metric solution for loss prevention and easily became a tool to help boost sales.

It is simply designed to give store managers or revenue officers a real-time look at what’s happening in stores based on video data processed through our CV Bridge. The opportunity to identify problem areas is enormous given that 70 percent of people who enter stores leave without making a purchase.

According to TimeTrade research, consumers also value face-to-face interactions with store associates. In fact, 90% of consumers say they are somewhat or extremely likely to make a purchase when they receive assistance from a knowledgeable store associate. Looking at specific age groups, 64% of Baby Boomers expect in-store associates to know the best products for their specific needs and budget, which is 17% more than the other participating respondents.

RPM gives retailers and brands the power to know how shoppers are responding to visual messaging, and how they move through retail environments and other consumer spaces.

Our RPM solution identifies produces applicable analytics in a user friendly dashboard such as sales conversions, basket size, total amount purchased, proper customer to employee ratios so that staffing levels can be adjusted. It also measures variables such as weather that could affect foot traffic.

We simply use existing cameras to process the video data without replacing POS systems in use. Plug and play, our software integrates with POS systems while augmenting features.

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