harris county sheriff's office - secure watch program

HCSO SecureWatch

This program is an initiative to provide real-time information by accessing the surveillance systems and/or cameras of the participating HCSO SecureWatch Program members, should they experience a need for law enforcement services. 

By registering and using the HCSO SecureWatch Program, businesses will provide first responders with access to valuable real-time information to increase their situational awareness prior to their arrival.

This type of "real-time" access to information will support investigations and may aid in the apprehension of persons of interest.

Important Facts

  • HCSO SecureWatch Program Membership registration is open to public and private businesses within the jurisdiction of the HCSO.
  • This service is provided for free to both citizens and law enforcement agencies.
  • Your information is kept safe and secure; never made public.
  • Local Law Enforcement will only view your cameras if there is a law enforcement need.