Retail performance metrics (rpm)

RPM Software

Coreveillance’s leading Retail Performance Metrics software is revolutionary. We can customize RPM features for the specific needs of any retailer. With RPM, we measure traffic, conversion rate, average basket size, total items sold and sales transactions. Measuring foot traffic will not only allow us to calculate conversion rate, but will also help us better optimize staffing levels and improve customer satisfaction. Conversation rate measures the proportion of visitors who make a purchase.  

Advanced Solutions to Make Retailers Smart

RPM gives retailers critical insights into what’s happening in their own stores and a real-time view of store’s performance by the hour. Improving conversion can significantly boost a retailer’s bottom line figures.  

Exception Based Searching

Adding exception based searching to POS transactions enhances loss prevention efforts. Exception based searching can reveal cases of theft that were undetected. The system essentially operates on pre-defined business rules, queries, and reports that can be run on a regular basis to identify high-risk transactions and associates.