Our Solutions

Every solution is well researched, designed, and implemented to industry standards specification with a service maintenance plan to ensure 24/7 uptime.

Secure Cloud Watch (SCWPRO)

Our cloud based surveillance platform allows customized solutions with an interactive dashboard to archive and share what matters most.

HCSO SecureWatch

The HCSO SecureWatch is one of many Harris Country Sheriff's Office initiatives enlisting the help of the community members and businesses in the fight against crime.

Retail Performance Metrics

Provide real-time dashboard on customer counts, transactions, text overlay, and analyze traffic behavior patterns. Integrated with Secure Cloud Watch.

Coreveillance Video Monitoring (AI)

By utilizing Coreveillance's AI, now we can AI video monitoring your surveillance needs with a 97% accuracy compared to physical live video monitoring.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Ability to Whitelist/Blacklist vehicles from Entrance and Exit points. Easily track un-registered vehicles entering or exiting. Integrated with Secure Cloud Watch.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Our powerful in-house and feature-packed Video Management Software (VMS) can be customized to create practical solutions for your needs. Integrated with Secure Cloud Watch.

Face Recognition

Ability to Whitelist/Blacklist a person from Entrance and Exit points. Easily track a blacklisted person entering of all your stores. Integrated with Secure Cloud Watch.

Heat Map Detection

Provide an approximate heatmap on the areas that see the most foot traffic and the least foot traffic and the most frequently traveled route through the store.

Video Cloud Storage

If data is important to you. Now you can live recording and store your video on our highly secured cloud storage hosted from Amazon with end to end encryption.

High Fever Temperature Detection

Due to Covid-19, we developed a thermal video systems to detect a high body temperature. They do not detect Covid-19 symptoms, rather a way of saying you are sick and stay home.

Custom BI (Business Intelligence)

A team of developers and engineers can help design a custom solution for your surveillance needs. When there is a commitment, there is no development cost. We grow together.

Off-Grid Solar Panel

If you are in a remote area, we have a solution for you. We carefully measure the power requirement then create an optimal solar panel system that supports your surveillance needs.

Our Services

Why us? As a system integrator, we simplify complicated things. With in-house development, we convert complex data into intuitive, practical, and user-friendly. No one can do better than the one who has created.

Camera Systems

Complete line of products. IP and HD over Coax (CVI, TVI, AH-D, SDI)

Burglar Alarm Systems

Honeywell, IQ Panel 2 Plus, 2-GIG Technologies.

Surveillance on Demand

Cost-effective AI Video Monitoring, you pay when needed.

HCSO SecureWatch

A public-private partnership to protect businesses in Harris County.

Access Control

Whether key or Face, we can do with complete access management.

Media Matrix

Video Matrix for surveillance and business marketing TV display.

Business Intelligence

Custom solutions like License Plate Recognition and Face Recognition.

Turn-Key Solution

We manage complete project from start to end.

Service Plan

Cost-effective maintenance service plan to secure 24/7 uptime.



We Strive for the Best in Service

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